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As part of my supreme mission in life, and in response to Harvard University’s sad finding about Education that points to the fact that Formal Education is able to harness only up to 22 percent of people’s true effectiveness and greatness in life, I invested more than 7 years researching into Human & Organisational Performance Improvement Techniques and Strategies, and in the process, discovered Zing4Life! – Top Secret of the World’s Truly Great Achievers; you may click here or watch the video below for more about Zing4Life!

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The Genesis

A couple of very interesting events led to my passion and commitment to what I do aside my core profession; you may click here to see the trigger events. Especially towards the ending of 2005, I had a very strong urge/vision to start a social ministry (a kind of social evangelism) to help individuals to harness their true/hidden potential, live truly fulfilling lives, and contribute in exceptional ways to develop their societies, and particularly Ghana, and Africa; kind of a response to the critical issue raised further below. Also, I was to write the relevant books/manuals, for the purpose; specifically to serve as the training manuals for the ministry, and also as a means of raising funds for the ministry. Fortunately, this assignment, gargantuan as it was, was further confirmed by two related prophecies that came through two different people, at different times in Church, and further by later events. I had much earlier on once asked my dad for the reason why he named me David, and I’ve come to realise that his reason reflects in all these; besides being born in the year Osagyefo Dr. Kwame Nkrumah died, and on the same birthday as Rev. John Wesley; shear coincidences? 🙂 I had to be obedient, and thus took a step of faith; I began Phase One of the assignment with Research & Development in 2006, and finished that aspect in 2012 (practical completion terms; a period of 7 years) though I have been fine-tuning the whole thing to date.


The Critical Issue

There is a critical issue being addressed in my life coaching and writing effort: Africa is very rich in natural resources, and almost all the people are very religious and have been praying fervently and consistently; besides the Universities, Polytechnics, Training Colleges, and Technical Schools produce numerous intellectuals – Professors, Doctorate Holders, Masters Holders, Diploma Holders, and a whole lot of people with serious academic credentials; some from very reputable universities across the globe. And yet a lot of the countries, including Ghana, are bedeviled with age old developmental problems such as indiscriminate littering, ignorance, illiteracy, diseases, unemployment, stack poverty and general underdevelopment. The question is: WHY IS THIS SO? And most importantly, WHAT IS THE SOLUTION/REMEDY?


Basically I found out that we in Ghana, and Africa are in the dire situation we find ourselves, as earlier described, because about 97 out of every 100 people underestimate their capabilities, and use very little of their true/hidden potential; indeed just about 3 percent of their true potential. And it is all because there are certain principles, techniques and strategies people need to be taught when growing up but a whopping majority are not being taught; parents/guardians are not teaching them, the schools are not teaching them, and the church and other religious organisations too are not teaching them. I wrote the Zing4Life! books/manuals to outline and promote those principles; (You will certainly love what people say about my books; especially the eminent persons. You may click here to see). And the social ministry I founded: Seers Foundation, is also leading in the effort at teaching the principles in Ghana and Africa through ‘Seers Clubs,’ ‘Seers Partners, Leaders, and Innovators Network,’ ‘Seers Empowerment Summit‘ sessions, and other interventions. You may click here to see some testimonials.

This initial implementation of the training aspect of the assignment, particularly the first module we are currently running, which aims at Extreme Educational Excellence, has began yielding very impressive and encouraging results. It was in such spirit that I launched the #BringBackOurEducation Campaign; you may click here to see it.


I am confident that you see this as a very good cause!
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Following from the results of the research, I am persuaded that, ‘The greatest tragedy in life is that, majority of people have accepted to be less than they were born to be, and are thus accomplishing far less than their true capabilities!’ And it is the cause of all the problems/difficulties we see around.



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