The general font/text colour for paragraphs (including numbered/bulleted lists) on this website is ‘grey like this;’ where a word or a group of words in a paragraph or numbered/bulleted lists appear ‘black like this,‘ it implies a hyperlink, and clicking on it will lead you to the page (or portion of the page) that contains related information. Particularly on a laptop/desktop computer, this clickable link (hyperlink) will turn ‘light orange like this‘ when you move your cursor to it.


Responsive Site

The site is designed to automatically adapt to different devices and/or different window sizes, screen sizes and orientations. On very small screens, and in Portrait (vertical) orientation, or very narrow window sizes, you can have access to the Menu and/or Quick Links by tapping/clicking the rectangular icon bearing the three short grey horizontal lines; located near the top-right corner. (Pictured below…)



A few key links are also at the bottom of the page…




Getting Back Home

You can always get back to the homepage by clicking the name/signature/portrait located at the top-left of the page. Alternatively, you may click/tap the ‘Home’ link in the menu, or the ‘Home | #Intro’ link at the bottom of the page.


Social Sharing

You can share this Site’s posts/pages/publications with your family, friends and associates on Facebook, Twitter, Google+, LinkedIn, and through so many other Social Sharing Options. On some pages, one set is located near the top of the page, and the other set is at the bottom of a post/publication. If you want more options beyond what is shown, then hover over or click the Share/More button to reveal the other social sharing options…

Top options:


 Bottom options:


Auto Scroll-Ups

Wherever you see ‘Back to Outline/ToC,’ clicking on it will automatically scroll the page up quickly to the Outline/Table of Contents located near the top of the page.


Also, wherever you see ‘Back to Top‘ in a post or on a page, clicking on it will automatically scroll the page up quickly to the top. Similarly, if you see any of the following buttons at the bottom right of a page, clicking on it will automatically scroll the page up quickly to the top…


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