My Writing Objectives & Platforms

I write and publish books/manuals and articles with the objective of educating myself and all others, along the following core themes:


How to live and have a more peaceful and a lot happier life.

How to improve one’s business and/or get to have significant income.

How to ensure or attain a very beautiful building and premises that is conducive for living and/or for doing business.


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My Books

My books are easily obtainable online at; you can make orders online and get your orders delivered to you; hassle-free! You may click here to visit the site and see the books.


My Articles

My articles are mainly published online; on the Seers Central Portal:, this website, and associated social media platforms.

I only write for external print media once in a while. Those I’ve written for include: HR Focus magazine, and the Daily Graphic newspaper.

I am passionate about taking the deep but ‘not-so-obvious’ issues that often get overlooked (and consequently harm us), and bringing them to the fore; alongside the obvious ones that need to be highlighted; with the goal to help us to harness more of our true/hidden potential and live far happier/fulfilling lives. You will find these articles particularly insightful and exciting! My personal favourites include: ‘One Thing You May Regret Most in Your Life!‘ and ‘How to Get More from Anything You Read.’


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