My Supreme Mission in Life

Author of more than 13 amazing books and more than 50 exciting articles; my supreme mission in life is to make people’s dreams come true!

People’s dream of a more peaceful and happier life, people’s dream of improved business and/or significant income, and people’s dream of beautiful premises conducive for living and/or for doing business. This is rooted in my passion!

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I am a Consultant in: #Life #Bible #Architecture #Design and #Productivity

Called by the creator of the universe to explain Life and provide relevant guidance, trained and certified/accredited by the Methodist Church to preach/teach the Bible, trained and certified/accredited by the University of Science & Technology to Design, plus over 7 years intensive research on productivity factors and practising same, I endeavour to fulfill my supreme mission in life through my design, writing and life-coaching efforts, and particularly through the following organisations…






More specifically, I am the CEO of Seers Consult, Seers Foundation and Infrastructure Solutions Outfit Limited, and part of the Arthro Synergeio team of Architects/Designers. I am also the Global Lead Advocate for Zing4Life! and a certified Lay Preacher of The Methodist Church Ghana.

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