Special Book-Launch :: Keynote

Key objective: To raise funds for my social ministry: Seers FoundationExtreme Human Resource Development NGO; to train 8.25m Ghanaians within 10 years (besides those to be trained elsewhere) to acquire and apply Zing4Life! principles to unearth/harness their true/hidden potential and thus positively affect Ghana and Africa tangibly and exceptionally. You may click here for more.


Thank you for showing interest in this special book launch!

I have written 15 books, and counting, and I see this as my first sustained effort at launching any of them, and it is a continuing online activity; we may not necessarily gather at an event venue, and it is even more special for two other reasons…


1. The strong reason that led me to write the books/manuals in the first place; the vision. It’s amazing!

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2. We personalise (customise or brand) the book(s) to include your name (or the recipient’s name; as the case may be) on the cover and the inside pages as well (you may see a sample below).


My personal pick/recommendation for you is: THE TRUE LEADER; one of my personal favourites, and recommended for all; especially leaders (including parents/guardians) and potential leaders (including students/pupils, and all young people). THE TRUE LEADER is fast gaining recognition as the best material on Leadership in contemporary times. It served as my resource material for the live interview I granted Bernard Avle on the Citi Breakfast Show; as a resource person on Leadership; you may click the play button further below to listen to the interview. For more about ‘The True Leader,’ you may click here. The sample below was done for ‘Nana Yaa Fohwaah…’

samplecustomisation Zoom or tap/click image to enlarge

When you order for the purpose of bulk donation to a school, group or an organisation, the caption is changed to: “Special donation by…(then your name)”




Citi Breakfast Show host – Bernard Avle – interviews Dave on Leadership